Thank you for inquiring about Dream Camp and filling out this application. This application is for campers who DID NOT attend camp last year.
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Please list any siblings of the camper applicant (include name, birthdate, grade, and the school they attend).

Emergency and Security Information.

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Who is permitted to pick up your children from camp?
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Who is permitted to pick up your children from camp?
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Who is permitted to pick up your children from camp?
Camper Security Password.

Please provide us with a "camper security password" which will be required by Dream Camp when you are requiring pertinent camper information, or making changes to your child(ren)'s schedule.

Password Reminder

Busing Information

Dream Camp provides transportation to all campers residing within the City of Hartford.  Children enrolled in Day Camp (1st - 4th graders) are eligible for door-to-door transportation.  Children enrolled in Sports Camp (5th grade & older) are assigned a pick-up & drop-off location at a school near their house.  Busing assignments are determined at Family Orientation, prior to the start of camp.
I will provide daily transportation for my child(ren). *

I will need busing. *

Club O.T.

Dream Camp also offers an extended day program, Club O.T., for families who opt to provide their own transportation.  This program allows parents to drop children off as early as 8:00 AM and pick up as late as 5:15 PM.  The extended day program is not available for children enrolled in bus transportation.

Household Information

Does your family receive TANF? *

Does your family live in subsidized housing? *

Family Income *

Only whole numbers. Please do not include .00 at the end of the number.
Above income is received: *

How many people live in your household? *

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Please indicate the primary language spoken in your household: *

Please indicate the highest education level attained by a member of your household: *

Race/Ethnicity: *

Annual Parent Questionnaire:

This information is for data collection purposes only and will not affect your child's enrollment. This questionnaire must be completed to be considered for enrollment. In addition to this enrollment application, please submit a copy of your child's most recent report card and State test scores for our records.
Do you assist your child with homework? *

Please check all that apply.

In the past year, has your child received all A's and B's on a report card? *

In the past year, has your child received any D's or F's on a report card? *

If yes, what subject?

Please check the boxes that apply to the activities that your child is involved in:

If other, please describe.

Please rate your child's daily behaviors. *

Has your child ever been suspended or expelled from school? *

If yes, please explain.

In the past year, has your child ever been involved in any physical altercations at school or outside of school? *

If yes, how often?

Has your child ever had access to weapons and/or illegal substances? *

If yes, please explain.

To your knowledge, has your child engaged in any high-risk behaviors, including alcohol, tobacco, or drug use? *

To help us serve your child, please provide us with further information about his/her history. Check all that apply below. *

Please feel free to explain any additional information below:

Do you have any suggestion for the improvement of Dream Camp?

Please read and accept below. Clicking accept is the equivalent to a signature. *

On behalf of my child, I accept and assume any and all risks associated with his/her attendance and participation in the camp and its activities. I understand that my child should not attend the camp if he/she is not healthy. I understand that my child must abide by camp policies and the instructions of the camp staff. In the event that I can not be contacted in an emergency, I hereby
grant ESF, Inc.(ESF) permission to give immediate treatment and/or take my child to a hospital emergency room. Permission is hereby granted for photographs and/or videos to be taken of my child at camp and ESF has the right to utilize these in our brochures, videos, slide shows, web site and other camp materials. Knowing these facts and in consideration for your accepting my child’s application, I, for myself, my child attending the camp, and anyone else who might claim on my or my child’s behalf (“I”), hereby agree that neither ESF, ESF Dream Camp Foundation, nor Trinity College are responsible for accidents, injuries, and/or medical or dental expenses arising from my child’s participation in the camp and/or as a result of my child being bused to and from camp. Accordingly, I covenant not to sue, and waive, release, and discharge ESF, ESF Dream Camp Foundation, and Trinity College and anyone working on their behalf from any and all claims of liability or expenses of any kind or nature whatsoever arising out of or relating to my child’s participation in the camp. I consent for Dream Camp to have ongoing communication with my child’s school concerning my child’s progress. I also agree to let Dream Camp receive report cards and health information that the school may have on record for my child. Finally, I agree to allow communication between my child’s teacher(s) and a Dream Camp representative. I have carefully read all of the information in this application form and agree to all conditions.
Thank you for applying to Dream Camp. *

We will review your application, if there is space, we will send you an acceptance letter if you qualify.  Otherwise, you will receive a Wait-List notification.
Additionally, upon acceptance, you will need to fill out additional paperwork (i.e. consent forms and health history records)
Have a GREAT summer!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at: or 860-987-6209.
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